Matrix TurboGen Pte. Ltd. Singapore

Complete Solution to your Gas and Steam Turbine needs

Components & Spare Parts

While every repair processes focus on lifetime extension, some parts must be replaced in order to restore your equipment and optimize performance to the fullest possible level

Engineered to Suit

Engineers at Matrix TurboGen built a solid reputation in the power generation industry. Combining this engineering excellence, Matrix TurboGen offers enhanced aftermarket parts service to our customers by supplying genuine parts matching OEM’s quality and standards.

With our associates manufacture various parts for Fr 5, Fr 6, Fr 9E and Fr 9FA turbines
- Compressor and turbine casings
- Exhaust frame, diffuser and plenums
- Buckets, Nozzles and Shrouds
- Combustion Chambers, Vanes and Blades
 - Standard and/or Tailored Inspection kits

High quality

We supply gas turbine components for many different makes and models. In most cases we provide a more cost-efficient and faster alternative to the OEM. Our commitment to high quality and fast turnaround ensures your unit goes back into operation with reliable performance and high availability.

We supply components in both the hot and cold sections including blades, vanes, liner, and hot-gas casings. We have the capability to incorporate improvements to the original design based on our engineering expertise and the specific needs of the customer.


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